Tapping into true industry knowledge to enable you to make smarter business decisions.

What we do for you

Consultancy & strategic support

With a unique, unbiased full market view, we can help you identify your next strategic steps as a business. We’ll extend your view on product development, transformation and how to re-align to deliver the results you want.

Market context and positioning

Unlike other consultancies, we understand both EdTech and corporate learning. Bring us into your business to help you understand your position in the market, as well as identify core positioning changes to driver ongoing success.

Sales enablement

It’s not uncommon for sales teams to not always understand what they’re selling. NilesNolen can work closely with your sales team to facilitate great solution comprehension, as well as enhancing overall industry knowledge.

Events & speaking engagements

Sometimes, external experts can say it better. Our clients often engage with us to share their message, speaking with audiences through a variety of mediums to elevate your messages and extend your brand reach.

Unique market expertise

No other consultancy understands the complexities of the learning industry. EdTech and corporate learning is full of foibles. Our knowledge spans international markets and more than just industry noise to give you unique, business-critical insights.

One thing is constant in business: change. But at times, leaders and stakeholders aren’t able to commit the time they’d like to get the transformation they need. This is where we come in. 

Supporting you in attaining your business goals, our support proves invaluable for clients seeking fresh, open and honest advice. We’ll help you contextualise your business, get real about your USPs and truly extend your impact.

Our industry experts

Amanda and Lori bring with them a deep knowledge of the EdTech and corporate industry.

Amanda Nolen is passionate about learning and upskilling, using technology to take people to a whole new level. She has made real organisational impact for her clients by blending innovative ideas with business success, and continues to be a committed member of several advisory boards.

Lori Niles-Hofmann’s passion lies with helping companies navigate the ambiguity of change, and has acted as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 CLO’s around the world. She has led countless EdTech implementations and has developed the data-based methodologies and frameworks to empower L&D teams to move from a business support function to a strategic business driver.

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Getting results

It’s important to us that our clients see the real business benefits from an engagement with us. So no matter your requirements, you can be certain that we’ll be the impetus for change you need. And most importantly, impact will be made. Other key outcomes our clients commonly see:

Clarity in business strategy

Our candid consultancy encourages those difficult conversations. That’s where real transformation is triggered. Our clients often comment on the introspection our support provides, enabling them to take the directive to pivot and adapt.

Better internal stakeholder alignment

Sometimes, taking a step back allows an organisation to take a breath. And reflect. We facilitate wider understanding of core business challenges, enabling key stakeholders to collaborate and communicate on mutual goals more effectively.

Wider business success

Whether it’s due to more knowledgeable, productive sales teams or enhanced product propositions, we help businesses optimise, iterate and ultimately evolve to greater success.

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