Because true transformation and progression comes from a collective shift in mindset.

Our areas of expertise

Thinking differently

Everything we do at NilesNolen comes back to one key point: Thinking differently. To be successful in the modern workplace means changing mindsets and challenging the status quo.

L&D transformation

Most companies approach digital transformation from a technology point of view. Though that is paramount, we’re here to get your audiences to think about the bigger picture. From EdTech business strategy through to deliberate upskilling, we believe true transformation comes from challenging the status quo.

Data analytics

Data has the ability to transform your L&D function and help you design learning that your people not only need, but want. An often overlooked area of L&D, we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise on why data is critical to L&D success.

Change management

Here at NilesNolen, we’re passionate about helping companies navigate through the ambiguity of change. Whether that’s educating learners on its necessity, or speaking about the practical implications of change.

Client testimonial

"Niles and Nolen offer a unique perspective. Deep subject matter expertise in the learning and technology fields with an unrelenting focus on driving business value. The agility and flexibility of a small firm but with the seasoned experience of industry experts. They are certainly trusted advisors to me"

- Brian Murphy, Global Head of Learning & Enterprise Capabilities at AstraZeneca

Passionate about learning

Here at NilesNolen we believe that effective learning can bring about true organisational change. And we want to kick-start that change in your organisation at your next event, either face-to-face or digitally.

We believe in deliberate change. And to create change, we have to shift mindsets. We aim to encourage people to think differently in all that we do – not least our features at events, podcasts, webinars and more. 

Both Amanda and Lori can speak on a wide range of topics, from data-driven learning and digital transformation, to change management and the ethics of upskilling. If you want NilesNolen at your next event, get in touch.

About our speakers

Amanda and Lori bring with them a combined 40+ years of experience in the learning industry.

Amanda Nolen is passionate about learning and upskill, and using technology to take people to a whole new level. She has made real organisational impact for her clients by blending best-in-class tech with content strategies, operating models, data, stakeholder management and new L&D skill sets. And on top of that she’s fluent in Spanish too!

Lori Niles-Hofmann’s passion lies with helping companies navigate the ambiguity of change, and has acted as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 CLO’s around the world. She has led numerous EdTech implementations and has developed the data-based methodologies and frameworks to empower L&D teams to move from a business support function to a strategic business driver.

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What we offer

At NilesNolen we are passionate about encouraging audiences to think differently. To create deliberate change and truly become learner-centric. And we want to share that passion, knowledge and understanding with your people.

Live events

From panel discussions to keynote talks, we encourage audiences worldwide to expand horizons and shatter status quos.


Reach global audiences simultaneously, and without the cost of travel. Lori and Amanada are available to speak or feature on your next digital experience.


Looking for a guest on your next podcast? From myth-busting learning fables to discussing the next big thing in L&D, Lori and Amanda will inspire your audience to embrace the future of learning.

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