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How we help you

L&D strategy

In order to succeed both now and in the future, do you know what your team needs? Should you hire, upskill or maybe even restructure? How do you compare to others? Do you know which content is best suited to your learners’ changing needs? Our range of consultative services are designed to help you answer these questions, get unparallelled performance from your team and deliver the results you want.

Target operating model

Learning in a digital environment is immediate and content demands are high. A successful L&D department must pivot daily to proactively manage the needs of a rapidly upskilling employee base and adjust to change in real time. We’ll help you change the way you operate and implement a methodology designed to prioritise and optimise time and resources to get maximum impact.


Stakeholders across the business can be the largest barrier to transformation. Through workshops we help you develop strategies to position new ways of working and learn how to streamline performance consulting conversations. We also deliver full-day immersive workshops on how to execute data-driven learning design to maximise ROI.

Data analysis

What do your learners want? We’ll collaborate closely with you to show you how to use data to better understand your people and their needs. We’re not talking smile sheets and completions. We’re talking real, meaningful insights which allow you to streamline design processes and increase engagement.

Client testimonial

“I met Lori Niles-Hofmann and Amanda Nolen in 2018, when we started defining the business case for a new L&D Ecosystem in Santander. We were on a burning platform and were starting from scratch, leveraging internal and external research and getting in touch with external experts who could share their experience with us.

Lori and Amanda were among these experts and they really were an inspiration for my team and me. Lori’s knowledge about bank industry and the digitalization of L&D and Amanda’s expertise in the EdTech environment made a real difference and helped us to set the foundation of our transformation.

I learned many things from Lori and Amanda, but if I have to pick a few I would say: obsession with data, brutal efficiency when it comes to learning, focus and determination in changing L&D skills and roles towards a completely new way of working and—last but not least— “digital body language”.

Thanks Lori and Amanda for showing us the way!

- Elisabetta Galli, Global Head of Knowledge, Development & Talent Management, Banco Santander

More than picking vendors

Whilst we can (and do) support our clients with vendor selection, we believe that finding new suppliers is only a small piece of the puzzle. We’re committed to delivering real, transformational outcomes to your business and equip you with the skills and expertise to get results and drive impact. 

That means identifying your own teams’ skills gaps. That means using data to infer impact and spot opportunities for growth. That means a full end-to-end service. 

With us you get support throughout your journey and legitimate, uncomplicated and uncompromising expertise.

Unburden your objectives to us. And enable your L&D function to excel. 

Where do you start?

Oftentimes, we see L&D contending with complex challenges and leaning into platforms as the solution. Whilst we’re big fans of technology and how it enables us to do more, transformation doesn’t come from just tech.

It comes from root cause analysis.
It comes from deep, thorough articulation of challenges.
It comes from truly understanding your learners.

Our specialist services encourage L&D departments to truly advance their knowledge of their function and define the role it plays in business. We show where change needs to happen, how to introduce it and of course, help you navigate it too.

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What you get with us

We have a true bias towards action and triggering essential transformation and change. Clients collaborate with us because of our specific industry knowledge. They come back time and time again because we’re committed to our impact-led mission.

Honesty and transparency

There is no waffle here. We want every single moment we spend with you to be laser focused on outcomes. We believe in being honest and clear. Even if that means some challenging conversations. We’re impartial and truly committed to you, every step of the way.

Specific industry expertise

No other consultancy understands the relationship between EdTech and learning like we do. Having worked in-house and externally, we have lived your challenges. We know how hard change is. And we know how to make it happen.

Action and results oriented

Impact and results. Getting you the outcomes you want and need. That’s what we’re all about. And because we’re a lean, agile consultancy, our work doesn’t take decades to get done. We’re poised to move at your pace, provide actionable insights and evolve your L&D function.

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