Helping you make smart investments in the EdTech industry.

Why NilesNolen?

Unrivalled EdTech know-how

We have over 25 years’ experience in the EdTech space, which has enabled us to develop a deep, expert understanding of this industry. Our unparalleled knowledge helps you contextualise the industry and select the right investments for maximum ROI.

Investment expertise

Good investments are about more than financial statements. They’re about forecasted growth, industry expansion and the future. Fortunately for you, the learning industry is full of amazing startups that have true potential. We can help you understand their portfolio and offering, and guide you to making the wisest investment decision.

Investing in EdTech

The EdTech Market is worth 89.1 billion USD – and its growth is not slowing. We understand why you’d be looking to invest in this incredible industry, but making smart investments in EdTech requires specialist knowledge and expertise. 

This industry is complex – it’s as niche as it is broad. But, we can help. We have a wealth of industry experience and an extensive industry network to utilise and give you unbiased, informed judgements on your prospective investments.

Look beyond the finances

Investing in a business isn’t just about the product or service they offer. It’s about the people, their roadmap vision and their ability to take the company to the next level. When choosing a company to invest in, you need to look at more than the ARR; you need to explore their vision and their future.

But to really understand whether it’s worthwhile for you to invest, you really must gain true industry context of the business. The EdTech space is complex, with an array of nuances that you’re unlikely to understand unless you’ve lived it. Fortunately, we’ve lived it for you. We’re here to give you advice and insights and help you maximise your investments in this highly-profitable industry.

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What we offer

We enable and empower you to make the right investments and get the returns you need. We help you:

Understand the industry

We know EdTech inside out. We can help decipher the industry and make sense of your investment opportunities.

Clarify market placement

Many organisations claim to be the best of the best. But as an external investor, how do you pick the true market leader, and the best investment? With industry know-how, of course.

Discern reputations

An organisation’s reputation is paramount when it comes to making sound investments. Who are the people behind the brand? How have they got to where they are? Fortunately, we’ve been about long enough to know the key players in the market, and we can give you that insider insight.

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