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L&D Transformation

It’s time to look at the bigger picture. No longer is learning and development a single, siloed function within the wider organisation. L&D has the potential to be pivotal. Transformational. Integral. If only we approach it differently.

We’re not going to lie. Change is hard. Global digital learning transformations are even harder. They’re complex and can be completely daunting. So where do you start?

You start with us. We’ve been through these processes ourselves and we know L&D inside out, so we’re here to support your entire transformation process. Learn how to optimise and improve. Understand how to drive impact. And help you develop new skills in critical thinking sustain your L&D transformation long after our engagement.

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Vendor Support

Would your prospects actually buy your new product or service? Do they really have the budget available? How do they feel about your company?

Our extensive, industry-specific knowledge provides you with impartial, full-market insights to help you better understand your position in the market.

Unclear on your target audience? We aren’t.
Unsure of where to take your product? We know.
Want to upskill teams on market knowledge and SaaS? We help.

We’re experienced in both EdTech and corporate learning environments and provide deliberate, clear and actionable insights. All this gives you new tactical direction, fresh thinking and unique market propositions.

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“I met Lori Niles-Hofmann and Amanda Nolen in 2018, when we started defining the business case for a new L&D Ecosystem in Santander. We were on a burning platform and were starting from scratch, leveraging internal and external research and getting in touch with external experts who could share their experience with us. Lori and Amanda were among these experts and they really were an inspiration for my team and me. Lori’s knowledge about bank industry and the digitalisation of L&D and Amanda’s expertise in the EdTech environment made a real difference and helped us to set the foundation of our transformation.

I learned many things from Lori and Amanda, but if I have to pick a few I would say: obsession with data, brutal efficiency when it comes to learning, focus and determination in changing L&D skills and roles towards a completely new way of working and—last but not least— “digital body language”. Thanks Lori and Amanda for showing us the way!”

 – Elisabetta Galli, Global Head of Knowledge, Development & Talent Management, Banco Santander


Have a message you want to share, and need a voice to do it? NilesNolen love this industry, and we love spreading new ideas.

Our two powerhouse founders, Amanda Nolen and Lori Niles-Hofmann are compelling, experienced speakers. And they bewitch audiences. Whether you need a thought-leader to convey your ideas or a guest on your next panel, they’ve done it all.



Facts. Figures. Numbers on spreadsheets. All this data is great, but what’s the story behind it? Will that startup actually deliver?

When it comes to making investment decisions, you need to know you’re making a profitable choice. You need to know whether it’s viable and indeed whether it’ll complement your existing portfolio.

Our specific knowledge enables us to support you in this process, helping you to clarify product-market fit, understand reputations and ultimately ensure your investments give you the returns you need.