Introducing “Data-Driven Learning Design”: The eBook

I wrote the eBook “Data-Driven Learning Design” (DDLD) for a few reasons. Firstly, having been in the industry for nearly two decades, I have experienced the seismic shift from classroom to digital. What I have not seen, however, is the same change in core learning methodology. We apply the same theories and pedagogical principles that were developed long before eLearning was even a glimmer on the horizon. My hope is that DDLD will yield more insights into the way learners interact with digital content.

Secondly, other industries have embraced digital disruption with extremely innovative results. I believe there is a great deal of value in taking inspiration from their strides and experience. This will help fit a new and more informed lens onto the way we build learning content for the future.

Lastly, DDLD is not a solution. It is a discussion starting point. There is so much data that we all have access to as learning professionals, but we have not yet collaborated on harvesting those insights. My hope is that after reading DDLD, you do come back and share your a-ha moments as you dive into your own analysis. It is through this dialogue that we can create a new paradigm for the digital learning frontier.  

Download the book here.